Turnkey Manufacturing


As you look to outsource your manufacturing, you must make the choice between consignment and turnkey manufacturing.  Turnkey manufacturing means many things to different people.  At QSC it can be described as a manufacturing function encompassing all assembly and supply chain management.

QSC will provide a complete manufacturing solution including all material procurement, inventory control, production management and assembly through product test and box build if desired.

We have very close relationships with our customers and know their products and needs.  We develop manufacturing processes and manage suppliers to help meet our customer’s cost constraints.


Contract manufacturing used to be simply providing the labor and equipment to build a circuit board assembly.  This still accounts for roughly half of the business at QSC.

When choosing the consignment option, you will provide all materials and kit the parts for delivery to QSC.  An audit of the kit will be done to your pull list or BOM prior the kit being released to the production floor.


Many of our customers provide some of the components required and we buy the remaining parts.  Whether you have already purchased material, have inventory on the shelf or have long lead-time items you wish to control, QSC will work with you to make it work.  There may not be a right way but there might be a better way.



When you choose the turnkey path, you will be utilizing the supply chain management expertise at QSC.  Our team will reduce your net material procurement costs by up to 20%.  Minimum inventory levels  and agreements with suppliers reduce our customer inventory liability.

Components are supplied by a hand full of major franchised distributors with which we have close, long term relationships.  We can source Asian suppliers when needed.

The Materials Group at QSC has significant experience in the procurement of the material as below:

Electronic Components
Printed Circuit Boards
Custom Magnetics
Machined Parts
Sheet Metal
Custom Cables
Fasteners and Hardware
Pre-Fab Chassis and Enclosures

QSC can also assist you in your transition to ROHS compliant parts and material.


When you are ready to ask for a quote, please furnish a Bill of Material with manufacturers and part numbers, gerber files, and all drawings for custom parts.  Drawings for assembly are nice but not required, however, any rework must have special instructions.  All documents must have revision levels.